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A passion, born a very long time ago. Alessandro Baldo, today the owner of Vintage Cars Passion, started working as a car mechanic at a very young age. He has been carrying this passion all the way through his studies. In the year 2001 he got his degree in Mechanical Engineering and started working as a planner for car parts, necessary in the car industry as well as in motorsport.
After a couple of years, he felt the itch again and started a career as a race engineer, later working as chief engineer, gaining excellent results in prestigious racing series’ such as the Euroseries3000, AutoGP and the GP2 Series.
Over all these years he was always interested in the world of vintage cars, studying every single detail of every model. This enabled him to restore important models from Porsche and Mercedes.
Now his passion became his work, his profession with his sole objective: state-of-the-art restauration.
Vintage Cars Passion offers high-quality products, for every single restauration an in-depth study is carried out, every procedure respects the car’s originality, all components are restored due to their specific origins, while every single detail is important.
The restored cars are delivered fully functional, with MOT, safe and reliable.

Using a car restored by Vintage Cars Passion you can immediately enjoy the vintage car of your dreams, cars, ready for a new life.

Vintage Cars Passion offers:

Historical car commerce
Vintage car spare parts
Consultation and assistance regarding restauration and documentation
We value historical cars in all conditions; please make your appointment.